Late one night in a laboratory on Redbud Drive, Justin Golday was hard at work attempting to discover a chemical that will turn water into a Lime Rickey.  All of a sudden there was a horrific explosion and beams of neon green light shot out of the shattered windows of the lab. The radiation from the explosion channeled through Golday’s feet, up his spine and down his arms to the tips of his fingers.  His hands began to glow and his eyes turned the same color.  He picked up his guitar and plugged it into the amplifier.  The sound that came out was pure magic.  Equal parts beautiful and tense. Golday knew he now had super powers but was torn between using them to save the world or to create mayhem.  As for now, The Professor strums his guitar for the greater good but is always teetering the line into madness.  

In 1982 there was an earthquake of such great magnitude that it cracked the earth and created a chasm so deep that no human could see the bottom.  A magnificent white light sprouted from the canyon and a faint low noise was more felt than heard.  The sound grew stronger and stronger as the light grew brighter and brighter.  The people who had gathered around were now dancing uncontrollably, heads bobbing along to the strange new sounds engulfing their bodies.  The chasm began to close as the ground shook with sound waves and dancing feet.  When the light was finally gone, the fog lifted and there stood Tim Huber.  "Babes...!"  he exclaimed.  "I bring you the low-end you require."  Huber proceeded to walk the land, delivering the gift of bass-guitar to the masses.  Like The Highlander...or more accurately...The LowEnder.

Behind Professor Golday’s laboratory lay the rusted remains of a once-working time machine.  The Professor had to destroy it after the dreaded pirate Captain Bobby Hilbrich found a way to reverse the machine and came hundreds of years into the future to wreak havoc on dry land.  The Captain surrounds himself with other pirates as they loot and pillage and spray the rhythm of the ocean all over the land.  If you look out to the sea at night and listen closely you can hear him masterfully playing his drums, laughing and cavorting with his mates.  

Born on the planet Funktune, Eric “Noodles” Norman was sent to Earth on an exploratory mission to probe for samples of human funky-ness.  Things changed when his spacecraft crash landed into Lake Michigan.  Eric quickly shape-shifted into human form and now lives his days playing keyboards in a band until he gathers enough good vibes to refuel his ship.  Why do they call him “Noodles”?  This universe may never know.

A mild-mannered mail man by day, Bryan Aitchison lives a very different life at night time.  Years ago, Bryan was infected by a virus from eating a tainted veggie burrito.  Now, every night as the sun goes down, Bryan starts to itch and shake and sweat, knowing that once the sun disappears he will turn into “The Beast”, a wolf-like creature with 8 arms that yearns to play harmonica and hand percussion.  He uses his harps to howl at the moon and his drums to attract his prey.  If you encounter “The Beast” he can be subdued by malted hops and cool island rhythms.  

It was a stormy night on a wooded path.  Ed Strudas trudged along, having been caught in the rain without a rain coat.  Suddenly the sky opened up and a bolt of lightning struck him right on the head.  Strudas laid there for what seemed like days but was actually only a matter of moments.  When he awoke,  he was startled to know that he now understood the meaning of life and all of its mysteries.  He began to walk home, overwhelmed by his new found knowledge, and started to hum some stupid song as he walked.  By the time he got back home, he had forgotten everything the lightning bolt told him.  Now he occasionally imparts pieces of that knowledge but only in song.  

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